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Tourism in Paraguay:

Many tourists choose the country ofParaguay, a singular destination with a lot of beautiful landscapes, virgin and exotic nature, traditional cuisine, music, crafts, friendly people, customs and much more... 

"Paraguay" has historical, cultural and narutal attractions with tle lower prices in the region. Find in this country cheap services, cheap flights, cheap hotels, cheap rental car and much more.

Paraguay, You have to feel it!



Paraguay, located in the heart of South America-Mediterranean country between parallels 19 º 18 'and 27 º 36' south latitude, and meridians 59 º 19 'and 62 ° 38' W-, bounded on the north by Brazil and Bolivia , on the east by Brazil and Argentina, south to Argentina and west by Argentina and Bolivia.


Alto Paraguay, Alto Paraná, Amambay, Boqueron, Caaguazú Caazapa Canindeyú, Central, Concepción, Guaira, Itapúa, Mountains, Misiones, Neembucu, Paraguarí, President Hayes and San Pedro.


Tropical to subtropical. Average temperature: 25 ° to 35 ° in summer and 10 ° to 20 ° in winter.

Time zone



6,068,000 inhabitants.

Official Languages

Castilian and Guarani.


Guarani, U.S. Dollars are also accepted.

Airport airport fee

$ 31 American.

Drinking water

Tap water is potable.


220 volts and 50 cycles.

Official Holidays

January 1 - New Year
March 1 - Day of Heroes
Thursday and Good Friday
May 1 - Labor Day
May 15 - National Independence
June 12 - Peace of Chaco
August 15 - Assumption Foundation
December 8 - Our Lady of Caacupé
December 25 - Christmas


Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of worship. Predominant Religion: Roman Catholic.


Republic. Representative democracy. Executive (presidential system). Bicameral legislature (Senate and House of Representatives). Judiciary.

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